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Top Dressing Soil (Eco Dressing)

Top Dressing Soil (Eco Dressing)

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A specialist professional blend of fine dry, sand, and loam used for lawn dressing, bowling greens, tennis courts, golf course greens, cricket pitches to assist in seed germination and help repair minor surface imperfections. Specialist professional mix of fine loam for lawn dressing, Bowling Greens, Tennis Courts, Golf Greens and Cricket Pitches.

This product is always dry and ready to use straight away.

Top dressing soil can also help in these areas:

Improve drainage

Allow the soil to exchange gases with the atmosphere better,

Promote the development of soil which are needed to break down thatch and grass clippings.

Help repair lawn areas that have been damaged. 

You can top-dress your lawn every year without causing problems.

Our Top Dressing Soil (Eco Dressing) is sold by bulk bag with a weight of around 850kg per pallet.


Top Dressing Soil (Eco Dressing)

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