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Ring of Logs 120 with Four Swing Arm BBQ Racks

Ring of Logs 120 with Four Swing Arm BBQ Racks

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This fire pit is for the serious fire chef who wants to make a statement! With four detachable Swing Arm BBQ Racks included this set up will enable you to cook up a feast. As well as a huge fire bowl, The Ring of Logs 120 has the advantage of attractive log storage around the base and the shelf makes a great place for warming food.

With all four Swing Arms in action, the owner of this fire pit will be a true BBQ DJ. The variety of cooking surfaces means you can tackle a range of BBQ recipes; from grilling to sautéing and the nature of the Swing Arm BBQ Rack gives you full control over the heat. The lugs for the Swing Arms can also be used for different accessories such as the Hanging Arm with Hook providing yet more cooking versatility. The Ring of Logs 120 with Four Swing Arm BBQ Racks has a useful shelf around the base; for storing a decent quantity of logs to keep them dry and easily accessible. When not in use, the logs also add to the beauty of this majestic fire pit. We recommend buying a lid (available separately) to keep your ash bed dry for use next time and also to provide a useful table surface when it’s not in use.

NB: All our fire pits, lids and accessories will begin to rust immediately and will not maintain their black finish. However, this will not affect their long term durability. As all our fire pits are handmade from sheet steel which has naturally occurring blemishes, there may be very slight variations in the forging and finish. 


Material Diameter Depth Height Weight Swing Arms Swing Arm Weight
5mm Steel 120cm 27cm 70cm 165kg 43cm 5.5kg


Ring of Logs 120 with Four Swing Arm BBQ Racks

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