Helpful tips on using decorative aggregates in your garden

Helpful tips on using decorative aggregates in your garden

Looking to transform your garden?? Ever thought about using decorative stones?? From driveway shingles to large rocky boulders and pebbles for ponds or boarders. Decorative stones and garden aggregates are very versatile, great for creating impact in your garden and helping with any drainage issue. 

It is important when choosing your decorative stones to consider what is already present in your garden and house materials. Its best to choose a colour that will complement the surrounding area. Keep in mind if the area gets a lot of shade you might want to choose a pale coloured stone that has natural light reflecting quality to help brighten up the area. 

Another important consideration when choosing your aggregates is the size of the material. For driveways and footpaths best choosing a medium size shingle that wont allow for much movement (or prevent tyres getting stuck) but is still comfortable to walk on. Use cobble stones and large boulders to infill tricky shapes in your garden, to spotlight plants, to soften edges of paved or decked areas and to create separate areas in the garden.

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