Gardening Jobs for this week

Gardening Jobs for this week

Train conifers. Cut back the main shoots to restrict their size and stop them growing huge. You can also tidy and shape the conifers to help make defined edges and curves in the border for winter. Don’t cut back into brown woody growth as the conifer wont re-shoot from this.


Take cuttings of pelargoniums and fuchsias to have small healthy plants ready to keep under cover over Winter and have free plants ready to put out after the frosts next year.


Now is also a great time to take cuttings of most shrubs. Select a firm, but not woody non-flowering shoot. Take cuttings on a dull day, or in the morning taking care that they don’t dry out or wilt whilst you are preparing them.


Cuttings should be around 9cm in length, trimmed just below a leaf. Strip off all but the top few leaves and place around the edge of a pot filled with multi-purpose compost.


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